“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings”

Modern art is controversial. It speaks to some people, and to others it seems overly simplistic or simply nonsensical. I’m usually in the former camp, so I was excited to check out the Tate Modern’s collection. Some of the pieces made no sense at all to me, but others were deeply moving. Here are some examples of both, but I will let you decide for yourself which is which.

Interior shot of the Tate Modern entrance hall
The museum is in a former power station
Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol
Tree of Twelve Metres by Giuseppe Penone
Untitled (A New World Order Lies in this Golden Age) by Terence Koh
Everyday by Subodh Gupta
Untitled by Roger Hiorns
Detail of Untitled by Roger Hiorns
Cocon du Vide by Chen Zhen (the woman in the photo is not part of the art… or is she?)
Macaleni lintozomlambo by Nicholas Hlobo
No. VI / Composition No. II by Piet Mondrian
Homage to the Square series by Josef Albers
The Church of Carrières-Saint-Denis by Georges Braque
Head of a Woman (Fernande) by Pablo Picasso
Assorted propaganda posters from the Soviet period, a small sample of the museum’s extensive collection
Untitled (Bacchus) by Cy Twombly

Title quote: Agnes Martin

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