“St. Paul’s Must be Saved at all Costs”

Here are a few photos I took at and around St. Paul’s Cathedral last weekend. The cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren and has pride-of-place in the London skyline. Its importance to the city and people of London was such that Churchill reportedly checked every morning during World War 2 to make sure St. Paul’s had survived the night’s bombings.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
These little cherubs adorn this column in the cathedral’s churchyard
Blitz Memorial – “The Heroes with Grimy Faces” dedicated to the honour and memory of the Firefighters who gave their lives in defence of the nation 1939-1945
Another view of the Blitz Memorial
An entertaining bust of John Donne, just outside the Cathedral. I doubt the 17th century poet ever wore a toga.
Perhaps the most London-esque thing you can imagine, you can buy roasted chestnuts on Millenium Bridge
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of modern Millenium Bridge with the Tower Bridge in the background. And a pigeon.

Title quote: Winston Churchill, during World War 2

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