“Still, still, still, weil’s Kindlein schlafen will!”

Salzburg Cathedral with one of its Christmas markets in the foreground – there is another one in front of the Cathedral
The street in front of Mozart’s house before the Krampus run got started
The other Christmas market at the Cathedral

One of the best things about visiting Salzburg for the second time (besides the Krampus run) was getting to see the city all decked out for Christmas. Of course there were Christmas markets — when KW visited, we saw them just starting to set up the markets. Now they are in full swing and very crowded.

One of many Christmas market stalls in Salzburg
One of many Christmas market stalls in Salzburg
Tree at one of the Christmas markets decked out with angel wings
One of the displays at the Cathedral Christmas market was a series of nativity scenes. This is just one.
A second nativity scene in the Christmas Market display

They have also set up an ice skating rink right next to the Mozart statue. It was fun to watch the little kids learning to skate. Since we were there during Advent, there were also little impromptu concerts around the Cathedral – MD and I listened to a choir while waiting for the Krampus run to start. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Ice skating!
Ice skating!
One of the Christmas markets at the Cathedral
Salzburg Castle – the lights down the mountain show the track of the tram.

Title quote: Lyrics from “Still, still, still” an Austrian Christmas carol of Salzburg origin. In English: “Hush, hush, hush, for the little child wants to sleep!” This is a curious thought as most of the children I know don’t want to sleep, but their parents desperately do.

Salzburg Cathedral at night – we were surprised there weren’t more Christmas decorations inside, aside from the Advent candles.
These angels turned up on the stairs of the Cathedral and started taking pictures with kids.
As part of the festival, they installed this art installation – it’s massive and just outside the Cathedral
A beautiful building built into the side of the mountain – somehow I missed it on my last visit
Salzburg Castle with the Cathedral in the foreground from across the Salzach River
Bouncing Mozart! (a year-round attraction but noteworthy all the same)
One of the streets in Salzburg decorated for Christmas
This cow is made of buttons. He needs a Santa hat.
The Salzach River at night

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