“Of all the lovely regions I have seen, none can compare to Salzburg’s striking natural beauty”

Hohensalzburg Castle & Old Town Salzburg across the Salzach River
Night view of Salzburg and the Salzach River
Even the pretzels in Salzburg are musical

KW and I took a train over to Salzburg for a weekend while she was visiting from the States. The train ride was interesting: a group of older Austrians sat behind us half the way and had the loudest conversation in German the entire time they were on the train. This is a huge contrast from trains in England where no one talks at all. But since I don’t speak German, it was interesting to listen to them talk – the rise and fall of the voices and the pronunciation – for the first 15 minutes. After that, it became very loud white noise.

Sculptures in Mirabell Gardens
Great fall color in Mirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens
View of the Fortress from Mirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens

At the end of our 2.5 hour train ride, we arrived in Salzburg, a beautiful city nestled in the Alps and famous for music, puppets and gorgeous views. Mozart was born here, and the famous Von Trapp family of Sound of Music fame lived here, too. Separate posts are forthcoming on both of these.

Mozart Bridge over the Salzach River
View from the Mozart Bridge
Makartsteg Bridge over the Salzach
Locks chained to the Makartsteg Bridge to commemorate love
Augustine Monastery

Salzburg, literally “Salt Fortress,” was named for the salt barges that traveled the Salzach River through town from the nearby salt mines. Hohensalzburg Castle, the giant fortress that towers over the city, was built in the 11th century. The city is filled with the spires of Catholic churches, and many shops sell lederhosen and dirndl, the traditional dress of Austria, Bavaria and the South Tyrol. Salzburg is home to the famous Salzburg Festival, a month-and-a-half-long music and drama festival held each summer. The city is on the modern border of Germany and has ping-ponged among Bavarian, Austrian and German possession in the last 300 years. Today it’s the fourth largest city in Austria, after Vienna, Graz, and Linz.

Cool sculpture near the River
Salzach River and Salzburg Old Town

Title quote: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Shopping street in Old Town
Many buildings had intricate paintings on the façades
Another building with a cool image on the front
I happened upon this group photo of folks in traditional Austrian dress while at Hellbrunn Palace
Salzburg Train Station
The city really comes alive at night – each street glows
The Rathaus, the Old City Hall
View of the Fortress from the other side
Night view of Salzburg
This bridge is dedicated to the forced labor and POWs compelled to build it during World War II
Beautiful view up in the Lakes & Mountains District outside the city
Just a glimpse into one Christmas shop… the city is full of these
Another view of one Christmas shop

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