“Song of the brave, how thrills thy tone/As when the Organ’s music rolls; no gold rewards but song alone”

KW and I enjoyed an organ concert in the Peterskirche or St. Peter’s Church in Vienna one afternoon. The interior of the Baroque church is distractingly beautiful with its colored marble and paintings. Listening to the sound of the organ reverberating through the excellent acoustics of the church was a transporting experience.

Rumor has it that the original church on this site was the oldest church in Vienna, founded by Roman Christians on the site of a Roman encampment. Another rumor holds that the second church on the site was consecrated by Charlemagne in 800. There isn’t much evidence to support either rumor. What we do know is that the current Baroque church was consecrated in 1733 and was the first domed structure in Vienna. The design is based on St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, though Peterskirche is much more compact. It’s surrounded by other buildings in the Graben, the pedestrian shopping area, so it’s really only possible to see the whole church façade when you’re standing right in front of the entrance. But compact or not, seeing the interior of the church is worth the trip.

Title quote: Gottfried August Burger, German poet

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