“I am not a glutton. I am an explorer of food.”

As I have mentioned, you can get anything in Bangkok. This is also true for food. Sometimes when you visit a country and find ethnic food not original to that country, they will sometimes make their best attempt to reproduce the food (i.e., in Ireland I had a pasta dish that was essentially spaghetti with tomato ketchup, the only bad meal I had there). I didn’t find very much of this in Bangkok, probably due to the huge expat community. Most of the non-Thai meals I tried were tasty and as expected.

Angel hair pasta at Bourbon Street
Calzone at an Italian place on our soi
Steak at the Argentinian steak house
Potatoes au gratin at the Argentinian steak house on Soi 11
Best bread service ever… at the Argentinian steak house

But my favorite meals in Bangkok were the Thai ones. I could eat Pad Thai or Red Curry every day, though I did not while I was there. Self control comes slowly. The ubiquitous dessert is sticky rice with mango, which I now know how to make. All of the drinks in Thailand are very sweet, so tea generally means sweet tea. Thais generally use a fork and big spoon for eating; I saw very few chopsticks.

Pad Thai
Fried bananas
A traditional Thai coconut dessert
Mango & Sticky Rice

The Webster Bangkok campus is a suite in the Empire building in the Chong Nonsi neighborhood. The building hosts a market on the second floor with a variety of vendors. So for dinner break during class, it was easiest to go downstairs and grab dumplings or a pork bun. Everything I tried from the market was delicious.

Title quote:  Erma Bombeck

A Thai penne dish – all the Thai notes (coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass) but with penne pasta
This is typical of any “international buffet” you will encounter
A cool eatery off Sukhumvit

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