“Shopping in Thailand is super cheap and generally high quality.”

You can get anything in Bangkok. Its many contrasts continue in the shopping area. There are massive shopping malls, more expansive than most in the States, and immense markets with a wide variety of things for sale. But the high-end and low-end coexist together in a fascinating way.

Siam Paragon mall

One afternoon I visited the Siam Paragon, a huge mall at the major Skytrain hub. You can leave the station and get into the mall without even touching the street. I didn’t really need anything, so I was just window shopping, but it was a fascinating experience. This mall not only has the mid-range stores like H&M and Zara but also high-end names like Gucci, Jimmy Choo and others. It also had a number of car show rooms inside the mall. I’ve seen Tesla in malls before, but I’ve never seen Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW in a mall before. There are several food courts and an aquarium. This place is massive.

Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall
Closeup of one of the photos outside the aquarium
Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall
Siam Paragon mall

Then that night on my way home from class, I passed a handful of market stalls on Sukhumvit before I turned onto my soi. The contrast of the two shopping experiences was jarring to me and yet wholly appropriate for Bangkok.

Sukhumvit shopping
Sukhumvit shopping
Sukhumvit shopping

Title quote: Bobby Lee

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