“This is the city of action, the world headquarters of the verb.”

Wellington from Mt. Victoria
Wellington airport from Mt. Victoria

Our final stop on the North Island was Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. It’s the southern-most capital city in the world. It has also become famous for its movie-making industry, not just with Lord of the Rings, but King Kong, District 9, Avatar, the Narnia movies, the new Planet of the Apes movies, a lot of the special effects work for the Marvel movies and various other New Zealand pictures. In what could be either good news or bad news for New Zealanders, James Cameron has also taken up residence in Wellington as he films the next 28 sequels to Avatar.

Wellington from Mt. Victoria
Wellington from Mt. Victoria
Wellington from Mt. Victoria
Wellington Harbour

Wellington is known as Windy Wellington. The city sits at the mouth of the Cook Strait, which leads to gale-force winds whipping through the city on a regular basis.

Wind gauge in Wellington
Wellington from Mt. Victoria

Wellington is wrapped around Wellington Harbour and spreads onto the slopes of Mt. Victoria, a hill that rises 643 feet above the city. You can get the best views in every direction from the viewpoint at the top of Mt. Victoria. Most of the photos in this post were taken there.

Sculpture on top of Mt. Victoria
Wellington as we drove around the harbour – the line going up the hill is a private cable car for the house at the top of the hill
Wellington Harbour
Wellington from Mt. Victoria

Wellington has lots of cool neighbourhoods and a generally cool vibe. It was lucky for us that we got to spend New Years Eve here hours and hours before the rest of the world. We went to a Fluoro Party (Neon Party) at a local club – we all wore white and used highlighters and other neon accessories to mix it up. It was a fun way to ring in 2016.

On our way to the NYE fun
On New Years Eve! The box over my right shoulder is a straightener for rent – genius.
NYE dinner

Title quote: Lauris Dorothy Edmond on Wellington, From ‘The Active Voice’ in Scenes from a Small City

Wellington from Mt. Victoria
On Mt. Victoria
The Beehive, the Executive Wing of New Zealand’s Parliament Buildings. The Prime Minister’s offices are here.
Everyone in Wellington seems to have a good sense of humour about their hobbit-y connections
On Mt. Victoria
Beautiful painting on an outbuilding next to the highway
Sculpture & sidewalk art in Wellington
Cool fountain/sculpture downtown

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