“In terms of adaptability, humans are pretty amazingly useless.”

This week marks the midpoint of my program. That’s right – this adventure is only half over. It seems to have flown by and dragged by in equal measure.

At Brighton in England
At Stonehenge in England
Hanging with Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace

By the numbers so far since August 11, 2015:

  • 15 countries plus another two in transit.
  • 17 individual flights.
  • 170 blog posts.
  • 10 research papers of varying lengths, 4 exams and 5 presentations.
  • 9 professors.
  • 3 Student IDs.
  • Roughly 12,000 photos.
  • 33kg of luggage.
  • 1 job offer: Lord of the Rings tour guide. Not kidding.
At Bag End in Matamata, New Zealand
In Northern Ireland along the northern coast
Rex is a terrifying dinosaur

It’s surprising how easily adapting to each place comes after the first three days, contrary to what Mr. Bryson says. London and Vienna had lots of similarities, but Vienna and Bangkok could not be more different. I try to go to each place with an open mind and just experience it for what it is. I’ve certainly had good days and bad days along the way – sometimes I just want something familiar and easy, like a trip to Target. After my friends and family, I miss Target, cooking and driving (in that order).

AN and me in Prague
With KW in the Lakes and Mountains District above Salzburg
At Cape Reinga in New Zealand

I had a conversation with a friend lately about how I’ll ever top this experience when it’s over. I’ve thought a lot about that. The truth is, I don’t actually think of travel that way or life, for that matter. Some experiences are amazing, and you want to remember that feeling. But I know other experiences will be just as amazing without my having to orchestrate anything. None of us knows what tomorrow has in store, so our only job is to meet its challenges and opportunities with an open heart and willingness to learn and grow.

In Valencia, Spain
Windblown at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
With NM waiting for the bus to Disney. This is my “I’m going to Disneyland!” face

Some of my favorite experiences on this half of the journey have been freezing my tail off in Iceland with ST, the bizarro Disneyland Paris adventure because it was so last-minute and just fun with MD and NM, my visit to Belfast for its history and hope for the future, The Sound of Music tour with KW, seeing Europe through AN’s eyes, and my entire trip to New Zealand. Having friends visit has been such a delight – getting to show them this version of my world has been a major highlight for me. I’ve also had the opportunity to make many new friends.

I’ve also included a handful of my favorite photos from the last few months.

Title quote: Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

Favorite photo: Cobweb in Bath, England
Favorite photo: Teacups! Disneyland Paris
Favorite photo: Flamenco dancer in Seville, Spain
Favorite photo: Autumn in Vienna
Favorite photo: Prater Station in Austria at sunrise
Favorite photo: Krampus from the Krampusnacht in Salzburg
Favorite photo: Southern Alps in New Zealand, taken from a helicopter
Favorite photo: Ta Prohm Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Life lesson: always keep a UV filter on your lens.

One thought on ““In terms of adaptability, humans are pretty amazingly useless.”

  1. My reaction: good you are halfway to coming home. Daddy’s reaction: she is only halfway done. Now who sees the glass half full. Can you tell we miss you? Wonderful post! Love the pictures of our baby girl!!

    Liked by 1 person

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