“Don’t worry about the world ending today; it’s already tomorrow in Australia.”

View of Sydney from the airplane
The entrance to the city train from the airport
Central Station

My short two days in Sydney just before Christmas were action packed but soaked. It rained almost the entire time I was there and not a little drizzle either. But undaunted, I made the most of my time and saw as much as I could. I was particularly fascinated by the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, though there is no way I’m climbing that thing. Looks insane.

Panoramic of Sydney Harbour
Self portrait – I call it “Drowned Rat”
Fabulous statue outside Central Station
Neat building on the university campus
Neat building – the plants got plenty of moisture

I arrived in Sydney around noon after a daisy chain of flights and took the airport train into the city. I left my bags at my hotel before venturing off to explore. Usually when I have limited time in a city, I go for the hop-on/hop-off bus because it highlights the key things to see and provides transportation in one go. The bus in Sydney was a good idea. What was not such a great idea was siting on the top deck, but I did it anyway. The bus driver was either impressed or thought I was insane, perhaps both, after he offered me a towel to wipe off a seat upstairs. But I did get to see more that way. From the Central Station through Chinatown past Darling Harbour through The Rocks past Circular Quay over to the Opera House and back up past the Royal Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park, the route covers the major sites in the city.

Modern buildings in Sydney
Darling Harbour
These cheery Christmas signs were everywhere
Darling Harbour
Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour

My series of flights had left me rather jet lagged, but good food, lots of water and a good night’s sleep (on Sydney time) set me to rights in short order. Normally I would have gone for sunshine, but that was in short supply. I called it a night and prepared to try again the next day. Check back tomorrow for more pictures of Sydney.

Who is Jack and why is he hungry if he has so many Whoppers? Due to trademark infringement, Burger King has to be Hungry Jack’s in Australia.
This IMAX in Darling Harbour is 7-stories tall, the tallest in the world. This photo is for JM. He knows why.
Ibis bird in Baltimore Park outside Central Station… creepy
Crosswalk signs are unique in Australia

Title quote: Charles M. Schulz

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