“Im “Weissen Rössl” am Wolfgangsee/Da steht das Glück vor der Tür…”

My cohort mates and I went with JS to the Volksoper to see Im weißen Rößl, The White Horse Inn in English. It’s a German comic opera about an Austrian inn in the picturesque Salzkammergut region near Salzburg. It premiered in Berlin in 1897 and the musical version went on to gain quite a bit of success on Broadway. It plays on the stereotypical Alpine idyllicness and sets up several romances that ensue throughout the operetta.

Volksoper – exterior
Volksoper – exterior
Volksoper – exterior

I enjoyed the music and thought it was rather funny, though in a poking-fun-at-the-provincials way that I didn’t really enjoy. The crowd seemed to love it though, so maybe it’s funnier in German.

Some of the extras were congregating in the hall before the performance
More extras

The Volksoper theater is not the spectacular masterpiece the Staatsoper is, but they put on a good show. We had box seats, but before you get excited, I had the “shelf seat” – an elevated seat in the second row of the box. It was hard to see certain scenes honestly. Overall though, it was an interesting experience, and live entertainment is always a good idea.

Im weißen Rößl poster
The orchestra pit – the stage was also decorated with little flowers – you can see some of them in the middle of this shot
Volksoper interior
Ceiling in the lobby – a lovely shade of muted blue-gray

Title quote: First lyrics of the chorus for “Im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee,” in English: “The White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang/ there is happiness at the door.”

In the box

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