“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients”

Spices for sale in Naschmarkt
One of the many food stalls in Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt or “Munch Market” is a great place to grab a snack or dinner, antiques, some clothes or the stuff to make a great dinner. The famous market began in the 18th century and continues today. A Viennese law was passed in 1793 requiring all fruits and vegetables brought into the city on a cart to be sold at the Naschmarkt. If the goods arrived by ship, they could be sold directly from the deck. Today the market has all kinds of permanent stalls and restaurants and temporary stalls on a rotating basis – the antiques sold on Saturday are particularly interesting.

Nuts and dried fruits in Naschmarkt
Broccoli? in Naschmarkt
Wiener Schnitzel at a restaurant in Naschmarkt
Clothes stalls in Naschmarkt
Some of the antiques on a Saturday
A book stall in the Naschmarkt

A short walk from the Naschmarkt is MuseumsQuartier, a fun hangout for families and young folks. Of course there are museums and performance venues as well. The MuseumsQuartier occupies the former imperial stables that were designed in 1725. In the winter, the space is filled with punsch stalls; in the summer, kids play in the fountains while the grownups enjoy drinks in the open spaces.

One of the entrances into the MuseumsQuartier
Remnant of the imperial stables in MuseumsQuartier
MuseumsQuartier – the MUMOK museum (20th century art) is on the right and Kunsthalle (contemporary art) is on the left.
The winter stalls are up in Museumsquartier. During the summer, the turquoise “tables” are large chaise lounges when flipped.
Remnant from the imperial stables
A dramatic entrance into MuseumsQuartier
More horses in MuseumsQuartier

Around the corner from MuseumsQuartier is Mariahilferstrasse, the main commercial shopping street in Vienna. Clothes stores like Zara and H&M are here as well as electronics and sporting goods department stores. The English-language theater where I saw Mockingly 2 and Star Wars is also here.

Mariahilferstrasse dressed up for Christmas

Title quote: Julia Child

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