“Heut’ kommt der Hans zu mir, / freut sich die Lies. / Ob er aber über Oberammergau…”

Buildings in Oberammergau

In between castle visits, my brother and I had the chance to visit the little Bavarian town of Oberammergau. The town is famous for the murals painted on the facade of many of its buildings and for the Passion Play that is staged there every 10 years since 1634. Apparently the town pledged they would stage a Passion Play if God saved them from the bubonic plague. He did, so they did. The last round of Passion Play performances were in 2010, and each performance lasted 7 hours. They take their Passion Play seriously.

Here are a few pictures from our brief visit to the town.

The theater where the Passion Play is staged
Cool statue in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
This is a hotel that caters to both humans and dogs – called the Wolf Hotel
Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Building in Oberammergau

Title quote: German tongue twister, the full quote is “Heut’ kommt der Hans zu mir, / freut sich die Lies. / Ob er aber über Oberammergau, / oder aber über Unterammergau, / oder aber überhaupt nicht kommt, / ist nicht gewiß!” and in English: “Hans will come join with me, / rejoices Lies. / If he comes by way of Oberammergau / or by way of Unterammergau, / or if at all he comes, / that is not sure!”

Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Buildings in Oberammergau
Building in Oberammergau

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