“To write operas is now my one burning ambition…”

St. Peters – the restaurant is in the lower right-hand corner
The entrance to Stiftskeller Restaurant
St. Peters – the restaurant is in the lower right-hand corner

While in Salzburg, KW and I took the opportunity to indulge in more Mozart and attended a dinner concert at the Stiftskeller St. Peter, the oldest restaurant in Europe. Apparently the restaurant was established in AD 803 and even hosted Charlemagne.  Now, when someone tells you you’re visiting the oldest restaurant in Europe and about to enjoy a traditional historic meal, that experience can go one of two ways: really delicious or really horrible. Luckily, our meal was the former.

Still life with empty glasses and bread
Still life with wine
First course: Clear Lemon Chicken Soup with Curd Cheese and Rosemary Dumpling
Second course: Breast of capon on glaze of red wine and herbs with potato gratin and vegetables from Padre Prior’s garden
Third course: Semi-frozen parfait of forest honey on two different sauces – Yes, Mozart’s head appears twice on this plate

Between each course, a group of musicians entertained us with pieces from some of Mozart’s most famous works: Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute. The soloists were particularly animated, but it seemed like the whole quintet got into the fun. I’m sure this is a thing they do for the tourists, historic costumes and all. But they genuinely seemed to be having fun, which made it a lot of fun to watch. Or they were all Americans and smile at inappropriate times.

The Baroque Ballroom before the concert began
The quintet
There were two singers, both quite animated
Throughout the performance, the singers would pull mostly willing help from the audience
The couple was very talented
Expression is half the battle in opera
The ceiling in the ballroom

An extra bonus to visiting the Stiftskeller Restaurant was they have decorated for Christmas already. Austria’s (and Germany’s) love of Christmas is extensive enough for several other posts, but we got just a small sample at the restaurant before the concert.



Title quote: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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