“I know you. I’ve walked with you once upon a dream.”

Disneyland Parc at Disneyland Paris is more traditionally “Disney” than the Walt Disney Studios park. It has Main St. USA (bizarre to hear “Yankee Doodle Dandy” on repeat in France), Adventureland, Discoveryland, Frontierland and Fantasyland. There are spinning teacups and flying Dumboes, parades, pirates, and princesses.

This is the entry to Disneyland Paris – they make you wait to see the castle
This is inside the park, going into Main St. U.S.A
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Inside the castle… there’s also a dragon under the castle, but she wasn’t photogenic.
Agrabah is also Adventureland
A pirate ship to explore
This section of Adventureland had all these little scenes to explore – this was a shipwreck cove; you could also climb through man-made caves.
The Indiana Jones ride was an old-school rollercoaster like the mine train Indy and Short Round took in Temple of Doom.
Spinning teacups!
We took a little boat ride through various fairy tale stories – each with a beautiful little vignette. This is the witch’s cottage in Hansel & Gretel
That’s Flynn Ryder climbing up to see Rapunzel
This is Prince Eric’s Palace in La Petite Sirene (The Little Mermaid)
The circus train from Dumbo circled the boat route
The boats went through a tunnel like the one in Aladdin
This is a tower from Beauty and the Beast
The French village in La Belle et el Bete (The Beauty and the Beast)


Check back tomorrow for pictures from the parade and fireworks shows.

Title quote: “Once Upon a Dream,” Sleeping Beauty

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