“So we live a life like a video. When the sun is always out and you never get old.”

I mentioned in a previous post I’m staying in an apartment in a student housing block.

This “welcome pig” stands next to the front desk. I call him Wilbur

The majority of the other residents are undergraduates, which skews the age range of the building quite young. All of the public areas of the building are heavily focused on upping the “fun factor.”

These couches look cool, but they suction you in and are virtually impossible to exit gracefully (geez, I’m old)
Pool table in the lobby. The quilty wall is quite cool
Foosball table, also in the lobby
This is the orphan bookcase, the repository for anything someone didn’t want or that was too heavy to travel on with. It includes at least 7 different versions of the Complete Works of Shakespeare and some of the Song of Ice & Fire (European edition)

This means that each of the three flat-screens in the lobby plays MTV music videos 24/7. I honestly didn’t know MTV still played music videos. The decor also screams, “Look how cool we are!” The facilities are very secure and offer all the amenities I need and a few I don’t. I have no complaints and am generally entertained by the forced cool quotient so carefully calculated by the building owners.

It is unclear why the iron hasn’t been removed or why we shouldn’t use it
Laundry costs $8 to wash & dry, so choose wisely
The gym has a variety of equipment, all seem new

My room is pretty comfortable. I have exactly one of each dish, so any friends must BYOD.

My kitchen. The loo is off to the left – you can fill in those details for yourself.
Simple but effective

This makes for humble dinner parties. The fridge is small but works, and I finally figured out how to use my “two-ring hob” after consulting the modern-day sage (YouTube). I have a microwave/convection-ish oven combo as well. Continuing the fun theme, I am also in possession of a bean bag chair. Less exciting but very useful: I also have a wardrobe & desk.

Bed, window & BEAN BAG CHAIR!!
View of my room from the door

Title quote: Jay Z, Young Forever

2 thoughts on ““So we live a life like a video. When the sun is always out and you never get old.”

  1. Yay!! And I’ve always been partial to this style of cabinet-shelving. More selfies, please. 🙂 Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying the entries on your navigations. Miss you bunches, lady!


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