“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

Last Tuesday we had a class outing to see 1984 at the Playhouse. I was excited to see the play after having read Orwell’s dystopian book many years ago. In fact, it’s coming to DC at the Shakespeare Theater, and I was sad I was going to miss it. Disappointment averted.

The Playhouse entrance

NW and I decided to walk the five miles from our apartments over to the Playhouse – a scenic route that took us through Kensington Gardens, Hyde and St. James’ Parks, past Buckingham Palace and across the Thames. We were mostly strolling, so it took us a couple hours to get to the dim sum restaurant where we met up with the others who Tubed over.

That’s a parrot – in Kensington Park!
Queen Elizabeth Gate at the exit of Hyde Park
Buckingham Palace
Maple Leaf motif on the Canadian War Memorial in St. James Park

The play was graphic but fascinating. It was downright disorienting at times – as Winston is not sure who to trust or what to believe, the audience is none the wiser.

Poster for the play – our tickets also identified our “comrade number”

It was well acted but not the kind of play you see for a feel-good experience. If you have the chance to catch it, in DC or elsewhere, it’s a thought-provoking and worthwhile time.

Title quote: George Orwell, 1984

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