“… a visit to Brighton comprised every possibility of earthly happiness”

A week ago Saturday I went with my cohort mates on a day trip to Brighton, on the southern coast of England. Brighton is one of the classic beach towns, and we got a real bluebird day for our visit. I’d spent my first couple days in London getting settled into my apartment and exploring my new neighborhood after arriving from Rouen via Paris.

Brighton Train Station

We took the train from Victoria Station and scored seats on the train. I think every person in Britain went to Brighton to enjoy the nice weather, so the train was standing-room-only by the time everyone had boarded. It’s a good thing we had seats because it’s hard to play cards while standing on a moving train. Priorities, you know.

View of the beach from the Pier

I was not expecting a rocky beach, though the cool water felt great on such a hot day. We really just stuck our feet into the water to get the experience.

Brighton Beach and Pier

Walking around Brighton was a treat – the street performers and people watching were both entertaining.

 The Royal Pavilion was fun to explore as well.

Royal Pavillion

Title quote: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, sarcasm suppressed.

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